Meet Moon of Royal Pirates, Infinite L’s “Doppleganger”

2014-01-15 13:29:42 2014-01-15 13:29:42

He sort of does, sort of doesn’t look like Infinite member L, but regardless, you should check out Moon and his band, Royal Pirates

Moon caught the attention of netizens and the media when his picture was compared to L’s in a community post titled, “Infinite L vs Royal Pirates Moon.” In the pictures Moon and L have similar hairstyles and poses. Netizens made many comments, pointing out their similarities, with quite a few claiming that they were indistinguishable.

Here are some more photos of Moon to help you decide if they really do alike:




For those curious who Moon is, he is the vocalist of the idol band Royal Pirates. Along with bassist James and drummer Soo Yoon, they came on to the K-pop scene last year with “Shout Out.” With their handsome looks and catchy pop-rock sound, Royal Pirates became the group to look out for. Now they have made their comeback with “Drawing the Line,” a track that shows their more colorful and playful nature. The music video also features a cameo by Busker Busker‘s Brad.

What do you think about this up and coming group?