Rainbow Blaxx Confirmed as First Artist of 2014 for “Lee.Bahl.Show”

2014-01-15 05:04:21 2014-01-15 20:34:00

Great news for Rainbow fans!

Sub-unit Rainbow Blaxx (Jaekyung, Hyunyoung, Seung Ah, Woori) is confirmed as the first artist for “Lee.Bahl.Show,” which is held monthly at the end of the month at Olleh Square Dream Hall in Gwanhwamun, Seoul. It will take place on Monday, January 20 at 8:30pm. (Please take note of the time change!) Just like 2AM’s show a couple months back, this will be another showcase format.

Here are the girls telling you to attend and show them some love!


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Jaekyung: Yes, we’re Rainbow Blaxx and we are the artists to appear on ‘Lee.Bahl.Show’ in January 2014. We’re back not as seven members, but as a four-member sub-unit. If Rainbow puts out more upbeat songs that give off healthy vibes, the sub-unit focuses more on being sensual and sexy.
Seungah: The title track “Cha Cha” is composed by senior Yoon Sang Sun and it has a retro disco vibe. We plan to show you a great performance along with our sexy choreography. Woori: A way to be one of the first to listen to our songs. It’s on Monday, January 20, right?
Jaekyung: Our showcase will be at KT Olleh Square Dream Hall.
Hyunyoung: Everyone who showed Rainbow a lot of love, fans who supported Rainbow Blaxx! Please show us a lot of interest and attend~♥.”