Rumble Fish to Perform Dance Choreography First Time in Ten Years

2014-01-15 23:27:52 2014-01-15 23:27:52

Singer Rumble Fish previously went through a personal big transformation by dying her hair platinum blonde and losing around fifteen pounds in time for her comeback. Now, she plans to show fans another new side of her by tackling dance with her latest title track “The Virulent Song.”

Fans who have followed her from her rock band days will know that this will be the first time she has choreography to one of her songs from her debut ten years ago. She will make her comeback performance through “M! Countdown.”

An agency representative stated, “Rumble Fish wanted to change her image so she added dance choreography. She’ll be able to show you a new side to herself with a dance that involves a standing mic.”

“M! Countdown” airs every Thursday at 6pm (KST).

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