Song Seung Hun Wins Legal Battle on Publicity Rights, Other Celebrities’ Cases Still Ongoing

2014-01-15 01:48:48 2014-01-15 01:48:48

While many celebrities are involved in legal battles on publicity rights, actor Song Seung Hun has been reported to win his case.

On January 14, Song Seung Hun won the case against a certain company that produces musicals for violating publicity rights.

In 2010, this certain company signed a contract with Song Seung Hun to use his photos and clips to advertise their musical production. However, Song Seung Hun has only received part of the payments for certain months. Furthermore, even after the contract ended, this company continued to use Song Seung Hun’s photos and name on their webpage and theater entrance.

Therefore, the courts ruled that the company pay Song Seung Hun the rightful amount for his publicity rights.

Other celebrities and their legal battles on publicity rights are still ongoing. Such celebrities include Jang Dong Gun, Song Hye Gyo, Kim Nam Gil, Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, 2AM, 2PM and others for a total of 35 celebrities.

The 35 celebrities have sued a certain plastic surgery clinic for roughly $170,000 for damages. The results will come in about 1-2 weeks and many are curious to see what the courts will rule.