TVXQ’s Yunho Demonstrates Gwiyomi Player for the First Time

2014-01-15 10:59:55 2014-01-15 10:59:55

TVXQ member Yunho finally demonstrated the Gwiyomi Player, due to an overwhelming number of requests from fans!

On January 14, Yunho got more personal with fans by opening up and sharing stories on MBC FM4U’s “Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa.” On that day, Shindong prodded Yunho to show fans his version of the Gwiyomi Player. For a long time, the singer had resisted such requests but finally broke down and followed Shindong’s lead. 

Yunho explained that he was unable to perform the Gwiyomi player thus far because he didn’t exactly know the entire routine. In response, Shindong eagerly demonstrated how it should be done, giving Yunho little room to back out of the request.  

“Wow, this makes you really self-conscious,” Yunho confessed. “What version of the Gwiyomi will you be doing?” asked Shindong. “I have a ‘good Yunho’ and ‘evil Yunho’ that reside within me. I’ll use the ‘evil Yunho’ voice, but in a cuter way,” replied Yunho, before performing the Gwiyomi player. 

 Check out the clip below!