Dickpunks Leaves for China to Perform at Hennessy Artistry Concert

2014-01-16 16:20:29 2014-01-16 16:20:29

Dickpunks, who rose to stardom through season four of “Superstar K,” is heading to China to stand on stage with well-known international artists.

Runner-ups of the popular survival reality show, the group will represent Korea at the Hennessy Artistry concert held in Shanghai. Taking place at the Mercedes Benz Arena on January 18, the event brings together talented artists from all around the world, including Rebecca Ferguson from the UK, Samantha Jade from Australia, and Leehom Wang from Taiwan. 

To prepare for their show, Dickpunks will board the plane to Shanghai today on January 16. In addition to their solo stages, the singers will collaborate for exciting special performances that are already receiving much interest from the fans. Dickpunks has been paired up with the winner of X Factor Australia, Samantha Jade, and the two have prepared a special surprise for the audience. All of the artists will also stand on stage together to perform Madonna‘s “4Minutes.”

The concert will be streamed live through Youku on January 18 at 9pm (KST).