Male Duo 2BiC Releases Tearful Winter MV for Emotional Ballad “I Love You”

2014-01-16 01:23:49 2014-01-16 01:23:49

The talented male duo 2BiC has released a tearful winter MV for their emotional ballad “I Love You.” The song features the classical sound of an orchestra as the vocalists sing about the sad emotions that come with heart break.

In the music video, we see a beautiful girl wandering around a winter landscape as she thinks about her loved one. Even though the couple still love each other, they have to part ways. The girl is carrying a gift box throughout the video as she walks along the train tracks and snow covered road. When she reaches her destination, she opens the box and finds a white flower as her final gift.

Listen to the beautiful sounds of 2BiC’s new single “I Love You” below.