TVXQ Beats Girl’s Day with “Something” on M!Countdown 01.16.14

2014-01-16 06:57:06 2014-01-16 06:57:06

On this week’s M!Countdown, the candidates for number one were Girl’s Day and TVXQ, both with tracks titled “Something.” TVXQ beat Girl’s Day with a total score of 9244 to 7364. Congratulations, TVXQ!

TVXQ, who celebrated their ten-year anniversary recently, has returned with their seventh full album, “Tense,” and the duo performed title track “Something.” “Something” showcases TVXQ’s special “line” performance that makes use of ropes pulled between the members and dancers.

Girl’s Day performed their third mini album title track “Something,” going even sexier than their previous “Expectation“” and “Female President.”