Ramblings of a K-Pop Fangirl: VIXX Edition + Free Signed CD Giveaway!

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A little over a year ago, I met VIXX for the first time.

It was July 2012, and VIXX, barely two after from their official debut, was one of the headliners for one of the biggest Asian culture conventions in the United States. When I first sat down with them for an exclusive Soompi interview, I was greeted by their unison introduction as they politely stood up to exhibit a 90-degree bow and their signature greeting, “Hi! We’re Real VIXX!”

I could tell the six boys were nervous, their feet slightly tapping the floor in anticipation as they sat back down in their sleek, black suits, waiting for our team to set up. They were quiet and bashful, but as I looked out quickly, scanning their faces, several members caught my eye, giving me shy smiles of acknowledgement.


Then and Now – (Left) VIXX Soompi Interview 2012, (Right) VIXX “The Milky Way” Press Conference 2013

Fast forward one year, the boys were now on their first global showcase “The Milky Way,’ and I was fortunate enough to meet them again in Dallas, Texas. With several hit singles under their belts, the members looked more wise and mature as they experienced the ups-and-downs of the celebrity life, but their greeting to me was just as polite and welcoming as it had been a year ago: “Hi! We’re Real VIXX!”

Are you a fan of VIXX? You’re in the right place! Super special thanks to fanclubs WithVIXX and Fyeah-VIXX for contributing and collaborating with us on the following article – they’re the ones who made it all possible! Read on for our ultimate Fangirl’s Guide to your obsession. Be sure to let us know in the comments section below who you would like to see featured on the next edition of Ramblings of a K-Pop Fangirl – may the best fandom win!


 6 (NLeoKenRaviHongbinHyuk)
Leader:  N | Maknae: Hyuk
Year of Debut: 2012
Fanclub: ST☆RLIGHTS (Starlights)

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