Uee’s Family Was Caught Off-Guard By Her Passionate Kiss Scene

2014-01-17 15:47:40 2014-01-17 15:47:40

Actress Uee recently opened up about her passionate kiss scene with “Golden Rainbow co-star Jung Il Woo.

At a press gathering held on January 17, Uee said about the kiss, “We started filming the kiss scene at 8 am. Shooting a kiss scene when my mind wasn’t all there was a unique experience.” 

“I have done a fair share of kiss scenes, but this was the first time I shot a kiss scene with someone younger than me. I felt compelled to take the lead,” said Jung Il Woo. 

“As opposed to a sweet kiss, our kiss occurs during a fight when our emotions have reached their peak. I was definitely nervous,” said Uee. “There have been articles saying that Jung Il Woo had to teach me how to shoot a kiss scene, but that’s not true. He didn’t teach me about approaching the kiss scene, but rather helped me adequately capture the emotions needed for it. Even after filming it, I still felt awkward about it. Even when I heard the director call, ‘Cut,’ I couldn’t look at Jung Il Woo.”

Uee also talked about her family’s reactions to the kiss scene saying, “They were caught off-guard since it seemed to come out of nowhere. They told me to continue working hard and returned to their rooms. My mom just looked at me and laughed. She didn’t really say anything.”