Wheesung and Kim Tae Woo Release Tribute Song to Korea’s Sticky Bread

2014-01-17 21:00:06 2014-01-17 21:00:06

Top vocalists Wheesung and Kim Tae Woo have come together on a track titled “Ho Ho Ho Ppang” as a tribute to the popular winter snack hobbang.

Hobbang is rice flour bread roll stuffed with goodies such as red bean paste, vegetables or meat. Listeners will be reminded of the winter, as the song describes the warmness and happiness that hoppang brings to the cold winter days. The song is another addition to songs that recognize foods. In 2010, Jessica performed “Sweet Delight” as a tribute to baked goodies.

The song was written by Wheesung and was composed by Swedish producer Alex Berg and Nils Krogh from the electronic music group Genius Of Time. Alex Berg also composed Jessica’s “Sweet Delight” single.