Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Poses with Adorable Winking Puppy “Prince”

2014-01-18 00:28:30 2014-01-18 00:28:30

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny has posted a picture of her cute fluffy white dog named Prince. The dog shows off the charm that only Sunny’s dog can have. The puppy is giving the signature Sunny wink.

She posted the photo on her Instagram page along with the message “Who says our little boy is fat!! our son is just chubby!!! because it’s winter…wait……getting salty?!” The picture shows the intimate connection the two share as they gaze into each others eyes.


Prince has a great set of parents with Sunny as the daddy and Tiffany as the mommy. We know that Prince is the envy of all dogs around the world with Girls’ Generation as his family.