Hyori vs. Suzy Fashion Poll: Who Styles the Oversized Knits Better?

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Top idols Hyori and Suzy are seen wearing the same oversized knit sweaters in fashion magazines. Hyori was featured in CECI magazine and Suzy was featured in ELLE magazine. The two were modelling for the launch of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Twins’ newest clothing line Elizabeth and James. The oversized light gray knit comes from the 2013 winter collection and costs 730,000 won ($688 USD). 

Even though the two idols wear the same glittering knit, their look, feel and aura are very different. Hyori looks chic and mysterious with her front bangs and dark eye make up. Her grey boots and posture make her look tough. 

Suzy wears the knit in a simpler fashion with the knit being a one piece. She looks elegant with her straight posture and creative leg position. She accessorizes the knit with sparkling pendants and ear rings.

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