Rainbow Blaxx Shows off Their Sweet Sexiness in MV For “Cha Cha”

2014-01-19 20:16:07 2014-01-19 20:16:07
Rainbow Blaxx - Cha Cha

After many sexy teasers, new sub unit Rainbow Blaxx has released their music video for “Cha Cha.”

Featuring Rainbow members JaekyungHyunyoungSeung Ah and Woori, they are going with a very sexy concept, much different from their cute and upbeat songs “Tell Me Tell Me” and “Sunshine” last year.

As seen in many of the teasers, the members are seductively posing while eating sweets.

Along with the release of their special album today, they will have a showcase on today on the Lee.Bahl.Show. Rainbow Blaxx will also begin making their music show appearances this week.

What do you think of the music video?