4Minute and Brave Brothers’ “Only Gained Weight” Shoots to Top of Music Charts

2014-01-20 03:12:01 2014-01-20 03:12:01

Only Gained Weight,” collaboration track between girl group 4Minute and hit producer Brave Brothers, has topped domestic music charts immediately after its release.

The song hit online music stores on January 20 at midnight, and merely ten hours later, it placed first on various online charts. With members Gayoon, HyunA, and Sohyun having lent their voices for the addictive track, “Only Gained Weight” has proven to be a successful release. The lyrics describe the realistic feelings and thoughts of a girl after breaking up with her lover.

Written and composed by the one and only Brave Brothers, the song belongs to the second part of his tenth anniversary album, which celebrates his admirable milestone as an active producer in the K-pop scene. He will release one special track every month in collaboration with ten different artists for ten months. 

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