Beenzino’s Agency Releases Official Statement Regarding Plagiarism Accusations

2014-01-20 20:12:36 2014-01-20 20:12:36

After being accused of plagiarism, Beenzino has released his official statement.

Beenzino’s agency Illionaire Records released an official statement that stated, “While Beenzino’s ‘Dali, Van, Picasso‘ was being worked on, we were not able to check if the track used a sampling or not. This issue was beknown to us on the day the problem arose online.”

They continued, “After checking, we contacted the copyright holder for the original song, which is ‘Alone Together’ by Chet Baker. We are planning to clear things up by obtaining a sample clearance.”

Illionaire also added, “We will try to clear this up as soon as possible and will announce the results as soon as we find out. We apologize for worrying the fans without meaning to.”

Previously, Beenzino’s “Dali, Van, Picasso” was accused of sounding too similar to German rapper Fiva MC‘s “Sud Sehen,” which used a sample of Chet Baker’s “Alone Together.”