BoA Comes Back with Party MV for Smooth R&B Japanese Single “Shout It Out”

2014-01-20 21:58:11 2014-01-20 21:58:55

Dynamic performer BoA has just released the exciting MV for her new Japanese dance single “Shout It Out.” The new single has a catchy electronic jazz beat and makes you just want to dance. I’m guessing this song will have all the party people dancing in the Japanese clubs of Shinjuku.

The MV features BoA displaying a diverse array of chic and stylish clothing as she dances with her explosive energy. In the beginning of the MV, she sports a goth styled look with the shiny black pants with suspenders and a hip black beanie. Notice that there are some skaters in the background when she wears this outfit. She also displays her colorful over-sized jacket with the striped track pants while chilling with the b-boys and hip-hop dancers who display their acrobatic talent.

“Shout It Out” drops March 5.