Dal Shabet Releases Video Dance Lesson for Hit Electronic Song “B.B.B.”

2014-01-20 23:03:52 2014-01-20 23:03:52
dal shabet

Girl group Dal Shabet has released a video dance lesson for their comeback back hit “B.B.B.” (Big Baby Baby.) The members wear black blazers and shiny black leggings to create a sophisticated and chic style. The song was composed by hit maker Shinsadong Tiger, and the title describes a man who is immature and acts like a child. The members teach the three main dances in the video dance less: Distress dance, You dance, and Hip Up dance. The dance moves require a lot of quick body movements and seem to be a good workout for your ab muscles.

 As well as being a hit in Korea, the new single “B.B.B.” is also  a big hit in neighbouring country China.