Singer Puer Kim Releases Goth Themed MV for Single “Manyo Maash”

2014-01-20 09:04:23 2014-01-20 09:04:23
puer kim

After recently releasing teaser stills, singer Puer Kim has released the freaky goth themed MV for her rock ballad “Manyo Maash.” In the MV, the singer is dressed in a sexy all black leather outfit as she is sent to the electric chair in the music themed death chamber by bald mannequins. The singer uses her mind control techniques to free herself from the chair and get revenge on the ongoing executioners. The song features a retro melody, and Puer Kim’s low and husky vocals add to the uniqueness of the song.

Producer Yoon Jong Shin composed the track while Puer Kim wrote the abstract and introspective lyrics which talk about love and mind control. The lyrics for a part of the chorus goes “I read you, that’s what you don’t like, I’ve exposed you.”