Actress Song Ji Hyo Wants to Show More Than Her Talent for Variety Programs

2014-01-21 01:08:47 2014-01-21 01:08:47

On January 21, actress Song Ji Hyo and her co-stars attended the press conference held at the Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel for the upcoming tvN drama, “Emergency Couple.”

On the topic of preparedness for her role, Song Ji Hyo said, “First off, I’ve done variety programs for a while now but my original occupation is that of an actress. Although I’ve continued to act this whole time, since it was the first time in a while that I participated in a modern drama, it took some adjustment.”

She added, “There’s a fun yet challenging part of playing the role of a divorcée. I’m happy that I get a chance to show a different image beside the one I’m primarily known for in variety programs.”

Song Ji Hyo will play the role of Oh Jin Hee, a late bloomer and medical student intern, who was married previously to Choi Jin Hyuk’s character, Oh Chang Min. When the two characters cross paths again at the emergency room where they are assigned to work, certain events will embroil them in a battle of hearts and romance. 

The first episode is scheduled to air on January 24.  

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