Koyote Is a Blast From the Past with New Music Video “1999”

2014-01-21 22:30:49 2014-01-21 22:53:44

Koyote (KYT) just released a colorful and fun retro music video for their new song “1999.”

“1999” was written by famous producer and composer Duble Sidekick, who created a master combination of a feel-good sound and lyrics that take the listener to a merry past. The narration by An Hye Kyung especially enhances the feel of listening to the radio back in the day.

The music video for the song features retro fashion and dance that take us back to the earlier K-Pop groups from the 90s. With colorful clothes and old-school hairstyles, the trio cheerfully dances to the song with dances directly reminiscent of H.O.T, Roo’ra, Kim Gun Mo, Seo Taiji and Boys, Turbo, Clon, DJ DOC, etc., creating a window to the past that shows what old K-Pop was like before the popular groups of today like EXO and TVXQ, or SISTAR and Girls’ Generation

Koyote debuted in January of 1999 with their first album titled “Koyote,” and have since come out with hit songs such as “Passion,” “Lingering Affection,” “Broken Heart,” “Sad Dream,” “Together,” “Good Good Time,” “Hollywood,” etc.

Their new mini album “1999” will be released on January 22.

Check out the music video below!