Yum Jung Ah Re-signs with Ha Jung Woo and Jung Kyung Ho’s Agency

2014-01-21 03:31:31 2014-01-21 03:31:31
yum jung ah

Actress Yum Jung Ah recently re-signed with her current agency Fantagio, showing strong loyalty after ten years. Fantagio is a leading management and production agency that has a lineup of top stars such as Ha Jung Woo and Jung Kyung Ho.

Fantagio director Yang Hyun Seung talked about the relationship between Fantagio and Yum Jung Ah. “Having been together for ten years, we have a special faith and trust. Considering the time we’ve been together, we are that much more used to and have that much more respect for each other. As partners that help each other out, we will foster a great mutual relationship together.”

Yum Jung Ah has previously appeared in dramas such as “Royal Family,”  “My Love, Madame Butterfly,” “My Neighbor’s Wife,” etc.

The actress is currently in the middle of filming her next movie, “Cart.”