B.A.P Spread Their Wings in ”1004(Angel)” in MV Teaser

2014-01-22 20:07:53 2014-01-22 20:07:53

B.A.P will finally make their return with their comeback song, “1004(Angel).”

On January 23, B.A.P released the teaser video for their title track, “1004(Angel).” The group showcased a different image than their previous songs, as the comeback will revolve around the boys’ charismatic features. The teaser displayed the six members’ diverse emotions, as the deep stares and the tearful expression foreshadowed the depth of the new song.

The heartbreaking eyes of B.A.P goes hand in hand with the black attires that the boys were shown wearing in their newly released teaser image. The teaser image that was released with the teaser video show the six members wearing different black suits, illustrating the members’ different styles.

In regards to the upcoming album, TS Entertainment stated, “The upcoming full album will have 13 songs that will have different genre music that shows the group’s diverse music style. With all the songs being of top quality, B.A.P will represent themselves through these highly completed songs.”

B.A.P will start their music activities starting on February 3. “1004(Angel)” is an acoustic dance song that will showcase the members’ vocals and uniformed choreography.

Check out the teaser below!