Ga In Releases Creepy Silhouette Teaser Image for Comeback Single ‘Fxxk U’

2014-01-22 18:44:38 2014-01-22 18:52:47

Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls has released a creepy looking silhouette as a teaser for her comeback single “Fxxk U” from her upcoming album “Truth of Dare. ” The image was released on her management’s Facebook and Twitter page on January 23. The teaser cut shows the blurry silhouette of a woman behind a shower curtain in a dimly lit bathroom. The image reminds me of the horror movie “Psycho.” Even with the provocative title and freaky silhouette, I am hoping the MV will not receive a 19+ rating like her MV for “Bloom.”

The teaser video for the single “Fxxk U” will be released on January 24, while the MV will be released on January 28. The track will have and R&B sound and will feature singer Bumkey. Below is the tracklist for her upcoming mini album “Truth or Dare” which will be released on February 6.