“Super Star K’s” Song Hee Jin Releases Heartbreaking Ballad “This Is Seoul”

2014-01-22 23:06:46 2014-01-22 23:06:46
song hee jin

Singer Song Hee Jin from the audition show “Super Star K5” has released the heartbreaking ballad “This Is Seoul.” The singer’s high and delicate voice sounds beautiful against the piano and violin filled melody. The song describes the feelings of a woman who misses her lover, and the quiet and lonely place that Seoul has become for her since. The lyrics include many questions like “Are you okay?” and “Where are you?” The song was produced by the “Twin Light Brothers” and “Super Hit’sWoo Seung Il, Kim Hong Il and Jung Hye Won.

Below is Song Hee Jin’s performance of Katy Perry‘s hit single “Firework” on Mnet‘s “Super Star K5.” She placed in the top 10 during the show.