How Does G.Na’s House Look Like?

2014-01-23 10:24:03 2014-01-23 10:24:03

Singer G.Na revealed the inside of her house!

On a recent episode of “Petorialist” G.Na revealed how she lives with her pet dogs in her own home. As cameras entered the singer’s home, the first thing that was noted was the large picture frame carrying the singer’s photo. The photo showed the singer lying on her back against green grass, painting a scene right out of a movie. Besides the obvious portrait any celebrity would have of themselves, the other thing that was noticed was G.Na’s pet dogs. In regards to her pet, the singer said, “I have two other dogs besides Rabbit (name of one of her dogs) living at my house.”


The singer’s love for her dogs was evident through warm care and affection towards her companions. G.Na isn’t only beautiful on the outside, but also the inside.