Sunny Hill Bids Farewell to Jang Hyun in “Don’t Say Anything” Music Video

2014-01-23 20:50:11 2014-01-23 20:50:11
Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill is back with their new digital single “Don’t Say Anything.”

The music video for “Don’t Say Anything” was released via Loen Entertainment’s official YouTube channel on January 24.

This digital single is their first release after their only male member Jang Hyun returned from his military service, and marks the transformation of the group from a co-ed group into a girl group. Jang Hyun has decided to become a music producer, working behind the scenes instead of performing on stage.

Jang Hyun’s move is mirrored in the “Don’t Say Anything” music video, in which he plays the piano facing sideways while the four girls sing into the camera. He does, however, narrate two lines at 3:20. It could perhaps be their farewell ode to his departure.

The song is a mid-tempo ballad that calmly expresses the pain of saying goodbye, and the emotional piano and guitar melodies accompany the members’ clean and expressive vocals.

Check out the music video for “Don’t Say Anything” below!