Youthful Girl Group “Seventh Grade Class 1” Debuts with Cute MV “Oppa Virus”

2014-01-23 23:08:46 2014-01-23 23:08:46
seventh grade class one

The youthful girl group “Seventh Grade Class One” has debuted with a cute MV for the single “Oppa Virus.”

The track is a dedication to oppas around the world as the girls sing about their crush on their oppa. In the video, the seven members of the group are students of Dareun Byul high school, and they dress in cheer leading outfits as they dance the choreography. The chorus goes “Please meet me, I miss you, oppa would you know these feelings?” The song has a catchy beat that with a melody filled with sounds from an electronic guitar, violins and synthesizers.

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