Kwanghee, Mir, and Shindong Talk About What It’s Like to be the “Least Popular” Member

2014-01-24 22:41:30 2014-01-25 19:39:08

On January 24, idols ZE:A‘s Kwanghee, MBLAQ‘s Mir and Super Junior‘s Shindong talked about how it feels to be the least popular member of their respective groups on KBS 2TV’s “Full House.” 

Mir began by saying, “Out of all the MBLAQ members, I am the least popular. Even when I’m on stage, the cheers are weak. I’m sure Kwanghee and Shindong can also relate to this.”

Kwanghee shared his own painful account saying, “Whenever we have a fan meeting, we make boxes for receiving gifts. Since my box would always be empty, they stopped making mine. Who thought that could ever happen?” 

“When I go to the airport, there have been times when the fans of the person in front of me are so numerous that they block my own path. Also, when it’s my birthday I just tell fans, ‘With the money you would’ve spent on my gift, please use it to listen to our music.’ I wouldn’t have received any gifts anyway,” Shindong added.