Rain Cries a River While Filming “Rain Effect”

2014-01-24 02:51:55 2014-01-24 02:51:55
Jung Ji Hoon

Singer and actor Rain has been attracting much attention through his variety show on Mnet, “Rain Effect.” It has been said the filming of the last episode had to be stopped momentarily.

An affiliate of “Rain Effect” revealed on January 23, “While filming a segment of the last episode last week, Rain held a ‘natural concert’ for fans. The production team prepared a surprise video for Rain, but the filming had to stop for a moment because he was choked up in tears. The video consisted of interviews done with Rain’s family and friends. Rain broke into tears especially when the interview with his father was shown on the screen. All of the production staff members were surprised by his reaction.”

The last episode of “Rain Effect” showcased a small concert the singer prepared for his fans. Rather than showing a flashy performance, Rain appealed with a different charm performing his songs through the accompaniment of a live band. Fans and viewers were able to witness Rain’s more mature vocal sound.

The last episode of “Rain Effect” aired on January 23.  

Jung Ji Hoon