Rainbow Blaxx Modified Sexy Choreography for “Cha Cha”

2014-01-24 03:28:42 2014-01-24 12:26:57
rainbow blaxx

Rainbow Blaxx has decided to tone down their seductive dance routine for “Cha Cha.”

According to an announcement made by DSP Media on January 24, the girl group will perform on “Music Bank” with a modified choreography, which will be more suitable for the younger audiences.

At the showcase, the girls could be seen sitting on the floor and drawing a half-moon shape in the air with their legs, just to mention one of the sexy moves. While the original plan was to go with this same choreography in the music shows, the recent concern over inappropriate girl group dances made them alter the choreography for “Cha Cha.”

A representative commented, “We did modify the dance, but there is no change in Rainbow Blaxx’s sexy concept. The members have prepared this stage for a long time, so we hope everyone would enjoy it with a positive mind.”

Just recently, Dal Shabet, and AOA announced their decision to make their choreographies more appropriate for the young viewers.