Kim So Hyun Recommends Watching “Music Core” To Chase Away Rainy Day Blues

2014-01-25 22:20:44 2014-01-25 22:20:44

Actress Kim So Hyun manages to pull off the cutest promotional tweets for the live music broadcast show she emcees for. 

On January 24, she tweeted some photos with the message, “Looks like it’s raining. Maybe that’s why I feel a little gloomy. I guess I better see Hong Chul and Minho oppa soon for ‘Music Core,’ because they are carriers of the happy virus! If you’re feeling a little down like me, be sure to tune into ‘Music Core’ at 3:50pm this afternoon!” 

In the attached photos, Kim So Hyun pulls off a melancholic expression while wearing an adorable plaid dress and black bow. 

Netizens complimented her saying, “How can you be this adorable?” and “I’ll make sure to catch ‘Music Core.’”