Lee Hwi Jae Wants a Daughter after Playing with Haru?

2014-01-25 00:42:51 2014-01-25 00:42:51
haru lee hwi jae

Comedian Lee Hwi Jae can be added to the list of people fallen for Tablo‘s daughter Haru‘s irresistible charm.

For the Lunar New Year special of KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns,” the producers prepared a meeting between the families. Having only followed fellow cast members’ lives through the screen, this was their first time to visit each others’ homes.

First up was Lee Hwi Jae with his twin boys Seo Yeon and Seo Joon, who paid a visit to Epik High member Tablo’s residence. In a previous episode, DJ Tukutz visited Tablo and Haru with his son Yoon Woo, and Haru could be seen taking care of the younger brother in a gentle manner. Also this time around, she carefully looked after her two new friends.

As a father of two baby boys, the comedian kept praising Haru as he met her for the first time, “Haru, you’re really pretty. How are you so pretty?” Especially after the young girl begun to show her cute side, Lee Hwi Jae could not hold back his father-like smile and revealed, “I now want to have a daughter.”

This episode will air on January 26 at 4.55pm (KST).