Seo In Young Reveals Her Impressive Shoe Collection

2014-01-25 02:00:56 2014-01-25 02:00:56

Every woman has a weakness, and for Seo In Young, it is shoes. 

On January 18, the singer known for her unique fashion style wrote on her Instagram, “My babies (shoes) that I have lately taken care of.” Along with the text, she shared a picture of her neat shoe collection.

The fact that most of the shoes have little to no heel has sparked interest amongst her followers. As she is usually captured in high heels to boost her petite height and give her legs a little oomph, it is almost surprising how casual her daily footwear is. In the featured image of her outfit, she has paired comfy Nikes with a warm coat and eye-catching accessories, proving her impeccable sense of fashion.

What do you think of her collection?

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