YoonA vs Son Na Eun: Who Wore the Pink Floral Dress Better?

2014-01-25 00:00:24 2014-05-05 15:37:59

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and A Pink’s Son Na Eun have both appeared wearing the same floral patterned pink dress.

Son Na Eun wore the dress during the recent “23rd Seoul Music Awards ” this year, while YoonA was seen wearing the dress a year ago at the “2012 KBS Entertainment Awards.” Both singers look beautiful in the dress, but each gives off a different aura.

Son Na Eun looks sexy and elegant in the dress with her dark parted hair. The contrast between her dark hair and light coloured dress focuses the attention on her face. 

YoonA gives the dress a more cute look with her orange hair covering a bit of her face and pink lipstick.


Update- Here is a video of YoonA on the red carpet with the floral dress.

So who do you think wore the dress better? Take a vote in the polls and lets us know in the comments below:

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