Crayon Pop Explains They Did Not Push Girls’ Generation’s Sunny at the 23rd Seoul Music Awards

2014-01-26 19:43:30 2014-01-27 01:49:27

It this another case of a video taken out of context and a series of misunderstandings, or it is really as it seems?

The local media was a buzz yesterday with reports about a fan taken video that was uploaded to an online community with the title, “Crayon Pop pushing the back of Girls’ Generation.”

The video shows a massive crowd of idols gathered to take a picture at the 23rd Seoul Music Awards that took place on January 23. In the video, numerous members of idol groups are crowding in and trying to pose for the camera that is off screen. In the center, you can see some members of Girls’ Generation standing in front of some members of Crayon Pop. In the midst of Crayon Pop member Way putting up her arm to hold a V-sign next to her face, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny moves forward, and it looks like Way made contact with Sunny’s back. 

With netizens angered by the supposed misbehavior of Way and the controversy surrounding this video not dying down, Crayon Pop’s agency, Chrome Entertainment, has spoken up. A rep stated to Segye Ilbo, “Way did not push Sunny’s back. Ellin, who was in front of Way, pulled at her arm, and at that moment when Way’s arm was extended, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny moved forward, making it look like she was pushed.”

To another local news source, a Chrome agency rep stated, “If you look at the video carefully, you can see Tiffany pulling Sunny towards her at the same time Ellin was pulling at Way’s arm. Way extended her arm then and at that moment Sunny moved forward, making it look like she was pushed.”

 Judge for yourself. Here is the long version video of the incident:

Here is a cut, close-up version:

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