Dara and Lee Hi Enjoy Big Bang’s Concert

2014-01-26 08:23:32 2014-01-26 08:24:55

YG entertainment artists sure know how to support each other. On January 25, 2NE1’s Sandara Park posted a photo on her Twitter that showed she had enjoyed Big Bang’s concert. The photo was posted with the message, “Watched Big Bang’s concert with Hi. Cool, cool, cool! Happy, happy, happy! Fun, fun, fun~ The performance this time around was also..well do I need to say anything? It’s Big Bang! Just the Best, best~ jjang”


The photo that Sandra posted shows the singer with fellow YG artist, Lee Hi, posing in front of a door plastered with Big Bang’s concert posters. Furthermore, the two singers seemed to have fully enjoyed the concert as the photo showed the two holding up Big Bang’s official crown light sticks.

It’s great to see how YG artists support each other and enjoy each other’s music. Speaking of music, we can’t wait for 2NE1’s and Lee Hi’s official comeback!