“Hidden Singer” to Return in August with Third Season

2014-01-26 04:03:49 2014-01-26 13:07:15
hidden singer

JTBC’s “Hidden Singer” will kick off its third season this fall.

A representative of the channel revealed on January 26, “The third season of ‘Hidden Singer’ is expected to start airing in August.” 

On January 25, the popular singing program aired the last episode of season two. Since kicking off the successful second season with “Lim Chang Jung Special” on October 12, numerous talented contestants have put their skills to true test, as they were challenged to imitate the singing styles of 12 well-known singers, including Shin Seung Hun, Kim Bum Soo, Yoon Do Hyun, Wheesung, and Park Jin Young. From breathing techniques to subtle hand gestures, the contestants showcased their ability to mimic the legendary singers’ signature moves, and as a result, “Hidden Singer” has become one of JTBC’s representative shows that keeps surprising the viewers episode after episode.

According to ratings Nielsen Korea, the last episode gathering together all previous winners attracted of 9.1% viewers, breaking the season’s previous records with peak ratings of 11.4%. This was a 1.6% rise from the ratings of “Park Jin Young Special,” which aired on December 14. The final episode made the headlines thanks to Kim Jin Ho‘s interpretation of Wheesung’s “I Even Thought of Marriage,” as the young singer charmed the audience with his flawless version of the hit song. Watch it below.

Are you already excited for the new season?