Lee Kwang Soo Visits Set of “Man from the Stars” on “Running Man”

2014-01-26 08:26:13 2014-01-26 08:26:13
Kwang Soo and Yeo Jin Gu on "Running Man"

Running Man” recently visited the set of SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Man from the Stars.”

On the January 26 episode of SBS variety program “Running Man,” young rising stars Yeo Jin Goo, ZE:A‘s Im Shi Wan and Tiny-G‘s Do Hee took part in a janggi (Korean chess) race along with the rest of the cast. The race followed rules set by a  female Hong Kong fan, who came up with the proposal for the episode and sent it to the production team.

The first mission was a race on acupressure mats, while the second was a water event. Their final mission  was similar to a real janggi game, with victory being achieved by eliminating the opposing team’s general. Only the general and the soldiers were able to eliminate the other team’s general, and one was only able to attack players of the same grade or lower.

The two teams were split into Cho and Han teams with Song Ji Hyo and Yeo Jin Goo as generals of their respective teams. Cho team’s Lee Kwang Soo was looking for his team members when he discovered the “Man from the Stars” set.

He said, “I’ve been keeping a close eye on this drama recently. Shouldn’t Jun Ji Hyun’s room be here as well?”

He also found the prosecutor’s office where Yoo Seok (Oh Sang Jin), Yoo Se Mi’s (Yoo In Na) brother, works. Kwang Soo banged at the keyboard while wearing a serious expression, causing laughs with his acting.

Lee Kwang Soo also said, “There’s also Kim Soo Hyun. Kim Soo Hyun and I are close. We open up to one another,” but no one would believe his words. However, he came under combined attack from the Han team’s Do Hee, Gary and Yeo Jin Gu and had his name tag ripped off.