Singer Shannon Releases Teaser Image for Upcoming Single “Remember You”

2014-01-26 20:17:03 2014-01-26 20:17:03

Singer Shannon has released a mysterious teaser image that shows the dates January 29 and February 12 with a question mark beside them. What significance do these dates have? Well, January 29 will be the date that her upcoming single “Remember You” will be released, and it also marks the end of her three year training period with Core Contents Media. “Remember You” will also feature Jongkook from the boy group Speed.


Shannon first gained attention in Korea with her appearance on “Star King” when she was younger. Below is Shannon’s appearance on Star King. The singer was born in London and her mother is Korean.

The singer gained recognition as a powerful vocalist with her appearance on the IU featured episode of “Hidden Singer 2.” Below is her performance of IU’s “Good Day.”

Looking forward to this rookie!