Song Kang Ho to Take Over Japanese Theaters with the Premieres of “Snow Piercer” and “The Face Reader”

2014-01-26 10:50:28 2016-03-22 01:39:07
song kang ho

This year and last year, actor Song Kang Ho brought 29,000,000 to theaters with his movies “Snow Piercer,” “The Face Reader,” and “The Attorney,” and  he is now making his way to Japan.

Of the actor’s hit movies, “Snow Piercer” and “The Face Reader” will be released in Japan. “The Snow Piercer” will be released on February 2, and they are currently promoting the movie in Japan. The film has high anticipation from fans, after recording over 9,000,000 viewers in Korea and getting a great reception in France, as well. Moreover, because of director Bong Jun Ho’s previous hit “Monster,” fans are especially on the lookout for director Bong’s films.

With the success of “Snow Piercer,” people are even more so on the lookout for actor Song Kang Ho, who also had a previous fan base for his performance in director Bong’s “Monster.” One Japanese company introduced the actor, “He’s the main actor in the currently screening film ‘The Attorney.’ From last August until now, in just 5 months, he brought 28,000,000, which is about 56% of the population of Korea, to the theaters.” 

Song Kang Ho’s “The Face Reader” will also be making its way to Japan soon, most likely this coming spring, and it seems Song Kang Ho, who has huge records set in Korea, will be looking to take over Japan, as well.