Hip Hop Group Mongilers Releases Mobile Game Influenced MV “Monster”

2014-01-27 21:59:06 2016-03-22 01:38:01

Hip hop group Mongilers has released the funny and creative MV for his their latest track “Monster.” The song is about the popular mobile game “Taming the Monster,” and the music video features a cat girl named “Mina” from the game. The track features rapper Sleepy from hip hop duo Untouchable, west coast styled rapper Big Tray, reggae artist Koonta and singer Hwa Young. The diverse group of artists perform well together as they release their creative rhymes over the thumping hip hop beat.

The MV is light hearted and creative while featuring many comic styled captions. Rapper Sleepy is busy at the night club hanging out with the cat girl Mina while Big Tray dreams about the same girl. Koonta finishes the track with a special acapella performance.