JTune Camp’s Newest Boy Duo “Pro C” Debuts with Profile on Facebook

2014-01-27 00:25:05 2014-01-27 01:49:42

JTune Camp‘s newest boy duo ‘Pro C’ has officially debuted with their fan page on Facebook. Their page show the cool looking photos of the youthful members Moos and Puffy. Moos is the one with the shorter hair, and he seems to be the playful one as he makes funny faces. Puffy has longer hair, and he seems to be more relaxed and conservative. The two have a youthful hip hop style and great chemistry with each other. They are scheduled to release their second single “The Side Who Loves More, Hurts More” featuring Ailee on February 5. This is the first boy group debut in five years for the agency JTune Camp since they debuted MBLAQ. You can visit their official Facebook page here.

pro c 2