Kim Tae Woo Surprises Fans with Guerilla Fan Signing Event

2014-01-27 12:02:30 2014-01-27 12:02:30

On January 26, singer Kim Tae Woo surprised many when he suddenly showed up at a cafe in Seoul for a guerilla fan signing event. It’s a way for him to thank the fans who have watched his musical “The Lost Garden” and also serves as a way to let the public be aware of the musical.

Few members from the cast were present including Kim Bora and Jerome Collet to greet fans and give their signatures. It was reported that the cafe was suddenly filled with random passersby when Kim Tae Woo appeared.

Kim Tae Woo shared, “‘The Lost Garden’ is a warm musical that’s appropriate for the whole family. It will be great if a lot of people came to watch it.”

Meanwhile, the musical “The Lost Garden” is currently playing at Yongin Poeun Art Hall and will run until February 16.

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