Of HOTTEST by HOTTEST for HOTTEST! 2PM Announces Comeback

2014-01-27 23:41:00 2014-01-27 23:41:00

This will surely get the HOTTEST fans excited: popular boy group 2PM will be making a comeback very soon!

The announcement was made by JYP Entertainment on their various social networking platforms. In a video, member Nichkhun and Wooyoung good around and laugh at a scrip they are reading. Towards the end Nichkun cries out, “What are we doing?” before the two of them shout, “We are Real 2PM!” 

In their official Facebook, they added this message, “Of HOTTEST, by HOTTEST, for HOTTEST! Real 2PM is back! Coming soon!” 

Not much else has been revealed about the comeback, but we can expect more updates on this exciting comeback soon.