Popular Comedian Caught at Adult Massage Parlor Denies Wrongdoing

2014-01-27 09:33:23 2014-01-27 09:33:23

Popular comedian A was found sleeping at a massage parlor in Suwon.

Suwon Nambu Police Station revealed on January 27 that comedian A was found by police sleeping in a room at a massage parlor in Suwon around 5:50 AM on January 25. The police were in the middle of a prostitution bust.

The police took A to the precinct station for questioning, but without sufficient evidence to charge him with illegally soliciting sex, he was questioned as a witness and released.

A had attended an event at an entertainment establishment in Suwon earlier the same night, and visited the massage parlor accompanied by another party.

An official with the Suwon Ingye Precinct Office revealed, “We received a report by phone about illegal prostitution, and discovered comedian A during the bust. The comedian in question did not solicit sex.”

Comedian A debuted under a terrestrial broadcaster (MBC, SBS or KBS) but now has activities with both terrestrial and cable networks.