Tablo’s Fans Inform Him About Impersonator on Facebook

2014-01-27 20:13:38 2014-01-27 20:13:38

A person running Haru‘s fanpage on Facebook has claimed to be an acquaintance of Epik High‘s Tablo.

On January 27, the artist received a question from his fan through Twitter asking, “The Facebook page of Haru, is it really operated by a friend of yours?”

Tablo denied everything by replying, “I did not know that kind of a page existed, and I don’t have such a friend.”

Fans continued to send him messages, telling him, “That person is claiming to be a friend of yours,” and, That is what the person says, and he/she is also looking for a baseball jacket in Haru’s size.” 

Seems like the inappropriate claims by the person running the fanpage were too much for Tablo and his fans, as the page with Haru’s name and her photo as the profile picture has now been deleted from Facebook. 

Haru and Tablo are currently featured in the much loved variety show “Superman Returns.”