UJUNGRAN (Yoon Se Yoon and Lee Jung) Reveals Sexy and Witty Teaser for “*23#”

2014-01-27 08:59:58 2014-01-27 08:59:58

Project group UJUNGRAN, consisting of comedian Yoon Se Yoon and singer Lee Jung, has unveiled the teaser for its debut song “*23#

On January 27, Lee Jung shared the video through his Twitter with the message, “Yoon Se Yoon, Lee Jung, calm before the storm, revealing the teaser for ‘*23#‘” 

In the clip, an attractive female actress is flirting for the camera and lying in bed alone, while Yoon Se Yoon is sitting in a car outside. With a serious expression on his face, he begins to repeat the words, “Failed, failed.” And just when you think he might be referring to the beautiful girl, there is a very bromance-y surprise at the end. 

Many are already anticipating to see and hear, what Yoon Se Yoon, who has promoted as a member of duo UV, and singer-songwriter Lee Jung have put together. Based on the teaser, both the track and music video will be full of hilarious twists.

The song will be released on January 28.