Park Hwi Soon Transforms to Rain?

2014-01-28 19:15:14 2014-01-28 19:15:14
La song

After trot singer Tae Jin Ah, singer Rain might have a new collaborative partner for “La Song.” On January 27, gagman Park Hwi Soon wrote on his Twitter, “Rain’s La Song~! Whose lip mark is that?” Along with the message, the gagman posted a photo showing his impersonation of Rain. From head to toe, Park Hwi Soon transformed to the singer’s stage look, starting with the black dreadlock wig to the denim jacket. Most importantly, the gagman sported a red lipstick kiss stain on his left check, matching with Rain’s stage makeup.

la song

The hilarious look makes you do a double take because although the look is to be a parody of Rain, the gagman was spot on in impersonating the singer. Sadly, we won’t be seeing a collaborative stage between Rain and Park Hwi Soon, as the signer wrapped up his promotional activities for “La Song” by performing a collaborative stage with veteran trot singer Tae Jin Ah on the three main music programs. So, we are simply left to wonder: Whose lip mark is that?