ZIA Releases Repackage Album Featuring Fiestar’s Cheska and Yezi

2014-01-28 22:36:30 2014-01-28 22:36:30
I am this kind of girl

Singer ZIA released a repackage album for her third album “11 Days Go By.” The solo artist had some help from FIESTAR.

The upcoming repackage album featured the title song “I Am This Kind of Girl.”  The track was only released as a physical album previously, and now it’s been released online as a remade version featuring FIESTAR’s rappers Cheska and Yezi.

I am this kind of girl

“I Am This Kind of Girl” utilizes string instruments to convey a sad melody that fits with the song’s deep meaning.  ZIA’s emotional voice illustrates the story of a heartbreaking love story where the man’s love for the woman fades away.

ZIA was recently declared as the online music charts conqueror as her duet song “Loved You” with Seo In Guk remained first place on all the music charts for several weeks. “I Am This Kind of Girl” was released on January 29.

Check out the clip below to hear her vocals!